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So, I think I’ve finally sort of figured out my process and my structure to this thing that I’m attempting to do. To be honest, I’m still not fully sure what it is. But, I think that’s okay. I have an idea and I’m gonna see it through to the end. As long as I’m being true to myself, I’ll be happy with whatever it becomes! You’ll be hearing from me soon! 

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Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About The Radicalization of Whites?


Many of my white friends have become Radicalized

What do white people got to be so angry about? ~ Chris Rock

A while back ago I spoke in great pain on how I’m losing friends fighting racism.  I talked about how one can have friends (white) who will invite you (black person) to a Christmas dinner, but will engage in vehicular manslaughter when it comes to Black Lives Matter protesters.  What I didn’t really discuss was this radicalization process among the white community in America which makes such violent ideas possible.

Radicalization?  You probably never really took a look at it. You’re probably wondering what am I talking about.  Radicalization?  What radicalization?

Radicalization of the White American


To the left is a photograph I took of a white woman, bowing down to Donald Trump during the Tucson Trump rally in March 2016.

The put this into perspective, I do a lot…

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My Extreme Case of Block

Hey there, readers!

So, I haven’t really posted here in a while, which really sucks, I really like writing on this blog. But, lately, I just haven’t been able to find the inspiration to write. I’m not sure what it is. I have so much that I want to say and that I want to talk about, but when I sit down to actually write, I lose all of my words and ideas.

It could be because I’ve been having a spiritual battle of sorts with myself. I think that I’m starting to really find my purpose in the world, and what I’m doing with this blog; but there is still some uncertainty there that I think keeps hindering me. I need to revisit the goal I want to accomplish with this page and all of my pages overall.

I hope to soon be back here. There is so much that I want to say and, by god, I’m gonna say it!

Thank you for following me and thank you for sticking with me!

Live to sing another day!


Happy 2017!!

Ding Dong! The witch is dead!!! 

And that witch is the year 2016! 2016 was a really tough year, a lot of crazy shit went down. But, I will say that I experienced A LOT of personal growth! So, in 2017 I wanna experience even more. I’ve adopted the phrase “New year, improved me”. Because I’m not becoming a new person, I’m just moving closer to who I am in the grand scheme! I encourage you all to go on a similar journey this year! It’s a journey of love and discovery. You’ll learn so much you didn’t know and things you already knew will be solidified! 

Thank you all for reading and following this blog in 2016, I hope you continue to follow me into 2017 more fearless, because I am definitely more fearless! 

Be looking out for some new material, and a Webseries I’m working on with my really good friend “2 for the tea!” And I’ll be expanding my own youtube channel. And my brand. Remember find your aesthetic and represent it always! 

Live to sing another day,

Jaybo (the somewhat peckish artist) 

Pulling back the White(nationalist) Veil

Hello everyone! 

I hope you guys have had a good start to this week. This week I wanna talk about a little movement that has been being called by a different name than I will use. This is the White Nationalist movement. I refuse to call it by its “politically correct” name. If we’re gonna do away with PC, then we need to get rid of it all around. 

Now, I’m sure we’ve all seen the video by The Atlantic of their rally in DC, if you haven’t you can find it here. What I wanna talk about is, not scary it is, not how terrible it is, but why fundamentally, they have no validity and why this should somewhat encourage us. 

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking…”how the fuck is this supposed to encourage us?!” Enlightenment and education are the basis for progression, we have to always be learning, knowing what works and what didn’t and eliminate it. So, let’s have a look. Firstly, these people believe in an ideology that for the most part died away with its creator. Neo-nazism, another name for this movement, is nothing more than Hitler’s Nazi movement repackaged for a less educated, less motivated American racist. These are people who have taken this moment and wrapped it up in “white power”. Now yes, Hitler used the Jews and many other minorities as scapegoats, but he was motivated by a political agenda and discuss study his politics, which is how he so easily got to where he did and how he got a way with it for so long. That moves us to the fact, that these people must not realize that every movement similar to theirs has somewhat died out in the 1st world. Why? Because we can’t be sustained by such ignorance. We must move in to the future. These people are stuck in the past and according to Survival of the fittest, they’ll soon die out. 

Why should not worry about the validity? Well, I talked about it above. A much larger percentage of the American people, are A-OK with racial equality, even though some of these people don’t speak out, many more people believe this kind of thinking is archaic. And, while there are people who are educated in this movement, are they really? I think that a very important part of education is enlightenment, which many of these people lack. Anyway, these people are, by and large, uneducated and grew up in a very white bubble. Now, a lot of people will argue that this, and this is the only time I’ll use this term, “alt-right” movement is about more than white nationalism. Some of these are anti-globalism, smaller government involvement, anti-immigration, and a disdain for “political correctness”. Now though some of these issues are troubling, what’s more troubling is that all of these issues have an underlying tone of blatant racism. 

Then there’s the Nazi salute, in an interview with Roland Martin, leader of this “movement”, Richard Spencer says that the salute was all in “fun” and “exuberance”. Yes, you read that correctly…this is one of the main issues with this movement, these people make it seem like a fun grassroots movement. It’s not. Roland goes on to ask him, if he doesn’t think that is disrespectful to America. Which is something that I’ve been thinking about. Although we jumped into the fray way late, America fought against Nazism. That people using that salute is a spit isn’t the face to the American men and women who fought in WWII. 

 In this same interview Richard came off as completely confused about his movement, citing that diversity hiring is companies going out of their way to hire less whites. When confronted with the facts and figures, he had no good rebuttal, except for repeating this same thing. He even goes to insist that they are not suprememacists, but simply want white people to be the master race, but saying that the times of white supremacy and slavery were wrong. But, then still insists that “they” will win. I will post a link to the interview, because it is very, very interesting. 

Bottom line this movement is full of people who are ignorant to the world around them. We all need to learn to break from our societal bubble, and look at yhe world around us. we also need to let these people know that we won’t stand for this kind of thing. This can all seem very scary, but remember, by opening up a dialogue and talking, we can solve so many problems. we can’t let this kind of intolerance and skewed view of reality win. 

Thank you so much for reading though this was mostly an opinion piece, there is a good bit of factual info. I used Wikipedia source page on the topic. you can see their page on the subject here:

Also you can find the news one interview with Roland Martin Here:

I also would like to give credit to nbcnews the did a segment on this movement. 

Don’t just take my word though, get out there and look it up for yourself! Talk to people about it, including moi. You can leave a comment or contact me using the contact form on my page! 

Keep up the good fight and…

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Posts From a Busy Bee

Hey there, I know that I do have a few readers. And recently I haven’t been posting anything. I was just so so busy, with working on a show, and working at a restaurant. And then after the show, I went home, and then I tried putting my life back together, but it was tough to catch up. But, I did catch up. I had a good audition as well, so finger crossed. 

As for my content, I’m really excited to say that I know have multiple platforms where you can read my work. I will be freelancing for Manhattan Digest and also the website MyTrendingStories. So, be looking at here for more info on that. After this election, there’s just so much that I feel I need to say. I’ve been reflecting and praying and meditating on it, and I think I’m ready to start speaking. I’m about to work on my you’re tube channel so be looking out for some vlpgs as well. This is a wild adventure I want to embark on in my writing . But, I must make my voice be heard. I’m not perfect and I have my flaws, but I do want to make the fight be known. I wanna use my voice for good and justice.  

So, The Aesthetic is just getting started! 

Live to laugh another day, 


Motivation/Man Crush Monday: Get ya ass up, show me how you BEARlesque!

This is coming late as hell, I know. Life is hard for a theatre practitioner, sue me. But, I had to get this up, because I am so excited about this. So, this is the first time I’ve ever interviewed anyone for this blog. So, the title of this has a lot to do with the subject of my interview. First let me start off with, I added this person on Facebook first because, well, I thought he was really hot. We all do it. But, then I discovered something very interesting…he’s a burlesque dancer…or Burlesque entertainer as he calls himself. I’m talking about the Indy King of Bearlesque, WAYNE KING! 14650656_1772521046356961_2498088703562727847_n

Woof. Right? Yeah…I know. Not only is he handsome, but he’s a very talented performer and just a super sweet guy! Ahhh…I feel so hip and cool, we had a convo over Facebook and just talked about Burlesque and life. I had such a great time getting to know Wayne as an artist. I really want this blog to represent all types of queer people and I think this is definitely the start of that. And without further ado, here is the interview!

  • So, first question, and I know it’s not creative, I’m just curious; when did you come out of the closet?

  • Wayne King

    I was 15. I knew before sooner. I would say I was like in the 7th grade, and I knew?

  • Jalen Brown

    Cool. That’s pretty young, how did your family take it? Did they pull the whole it’s just a phase thing?

  • Wayne King

    I told my parents on New Years Eve at midnight over the phone. I could hear my dad’s tone shift. And my mom didn’t know how to react. She’s a Polish immigrant. From what I could tell as a youngin that catholicism was the religion of choice there and it was a big no no. I think my dad came to terms with it a lot faster than my mom. They seemingly love my husband. We just don’t bring it up a lot and that’s fine. love my parents, they did a lot for us, but they are just a certain way. We respect each other to still be family.

  • Jalen Brown

    You know, that’s really great to hear. A lot a lot of people don’t get that, and I think it’s quite amazing. So, you’re married you said. How long and who’s the lucky fella?

  • Wayne King

    Been together 10, married 2, and his name is Tim.

  • 14858757_1780730655536000_1001346496_o
  • Jalen Brown

    Cute! That’s awesome, congrats! Okay, so now that we know a little bit of personal history. Let’s talk what you do. You dance burlesque, correct?

  • Wayne King

    I wouldn’t say dance. I always say I am a burlesque entertainer. That takes away from those who are way more talented than I and breath, eat, sleep this stuff.

    Also, I have two left feet.

  • Jalen Brown

    Hehe. Okay, Burlesque entertainer. Have you always been interested in entertaining? Did you perform at all as a kid?

  • Wayne King

    A few school plays here or there. Burlesque just kind of fell in my lap. I heard about an open audition. I was on the verge of losing my job and had nothing to lose. I knew burlesque was body positive so I wanted to see some of that myself.

  • Jalen Brown

    Cool, as a person who does theatre for a living, I’m always curious if other types of performers start young like a lot of theatre actors/dancers. So, we’ll get back to body positivity. So, you auditioned. What exactly did that consist of?

  • Wayne King

    Learning a little choreography. It wasn’t too difficult for most. It challenged me a little because I’m not used to that kind of learning. Then we had an interview. I think there may have been like an emote with your face bit.

  • Jalen Brown

    So, I guess those school plays helped a bit, huh?

  • Wayne King

    Right. I’m naturally an overly emotive face person.

  • Jalen Brown

    Jalen Brown

    Was it for a troupe? Or just for single performers?

  • Wayne King

    It was a troupe putting on a show, though it was an individual performer’s show with the help of Angel Burlesque to put it on. So, they were looking for independent performers too.

  • Jalen Brown

    Right on. Before I forget where are you from?

    Or where do you currently reside?

  • Wayne King

    From Chicago, live on the Northside of Indianapolis currently.

  • Jalen Brown

    Cool. So, how long have you been a burlesque entertainer? And do you be long to a troupe?

  • Wayne King

    Almost 3 years. 3 years in March to be exact. I am a member of Creme De Les Femmes.

  • Jalen Brown

    How many of the almost 3 years have you belonged to Creme De Les Femmes?

  • Wayne King

    Only about a year now, in November.

  • Jalen Brown

    Cool. So, how did Tim feel about it? Was he supportive?

  • Wayne King

    Tim will always tell me whatever makes me happy, to do it. Obviously within means. He’s not like, if you like Crystal Meth do that. Haha.

  • Jalen Brown

    Haha. Good to know that he’s supportive, but not enabling destructive behavior. So, how often do you perform? And is there somewhere we could watch one of your performances?

  • Wayne King

    Usually monthly to at least bi monthly.

    Yes, I have a YouTube channel.

    Let me see if I can figure this out link correctly.

  • Wayne King

    Wayne King Burlesque
  • Wayne King

    It goes in chronological order. Hopefully it shows a progression. Lol.

  • Jalen Brown

    Haha. Awesome, I am looking forward to watching these. The art of burlesque has always interested me. Would you talk a little bit about what it means for you and how it’s affected you?

  • Wayne King

    It means the world to me. It’s helped me get so much better about feeling good with my body. I know beauty fades or looks go, but it’s so much deeper than that. I’ve made connections, fans, I’ve traveled with it. I get the occasional message that says I help them feel better about themselves. It’s taught me to costume.on a budget and how to trust some and others less. Be professional. Spread a message.

  • Jalen Brown

    That’s really awesome. It’s great when you discover something you love and you can just throw yourself into it. You said it helped you feel better about feeling good with your body. We all have our body issues, but is that something that really affected you before starting burlesque or when you were younger?

  • Wayne King

    Oh yeah, very much so. At 19, I got pretty skinny but that was from way under eating, working out, going to school full time and work as much as I could. I struggled with body images a lot. Even within the bear community, there is a bunch of malarkey that happens there. You can be big but you better be hairy or else you only appeal to half. But I can’t even complain about this. There is such a lame white sensibility about it all. I think sometimes it hard to recognize privilege when you aren’t called on it. But you notice things and it’s sickening and wished you fought for it all along or called it out.

  • Jalen Brown

    Hmm…wow. So, you’ve dealt with both ends of the spectrum. I must agree, though, with what you said about the bear community and I won’t even get started on privilege, we can have that conversation later.

    You’ve battled body issues on both ends of the spectrum and here you are, proud of who you are and loving yourself. Now, I know not everyone realizes that male burlesque performers are among us, are there any other men in your troupe? And, to your knowledge, are there a lot out there?

  • Wayne King

    I’m the only male in my troupe. Men only makeup a small amount.

  • Jalen Brown

    Hmm…why do you think that is?

  • Wayne King

    It was just primarily a women’s profession or career. I’m not sure if there were men back in the day.

  • Jalen Brown

    So, just an industry standard. Would you encourage other men to try it? Just from your own personal experience?

  • Wayne King

    Very much so but don’t half ass it. Do what your burlesque sisters are doing. They have to wear pasties, you wear pasties. They’ll appreciate you doing the same things they have to.

  • Jalen Brown

    That’s really cool advice. I guess if you’re really gonna do something that is somewhat of a society, you should immerse yourself in the culture. Okay, just couple more questions.

    You make your costumes, do you also choreograph all your numbers?

  • Wayne King

    For the most part. When I’ve been in group acts, it’s a dynamic. But solo stuff, I pretty much come up with.

  • Awesome! So, when you’re not on stage in your skivies, what do you do? What pays the bills?

    Also, I’m living for your “Birdcage” performance.

  • I’m an assistant manager at a pet supply store. I went to school for journalism but it’s a hard field.

    Thank you! Lol.

  • You’re very welcome, you slay with those flags! That’s cool, the great world of retail! Haha. Journalism is indeed a hard field to get a foot in. Any thing specific you wanted/still want to do with that?

  • I’d like to find a voice. Something queer related and pop culture. My areas of expertise.

  • Awesome! That’s everything I want to celebrate with this blog. There need to be more voices out there like that. So, any last thoughts? Anything you like to add about burlesque or just yourself in general?

  • Wayne King

    Just honestly to love and support yourself. It’s really easy to give into what society wants. Buck the trend. It’s the most punk rock thing you can do.

  • That’s great! Thank you so much for answering those questions and talking to me. It was really cool getting to know a little bit about burlesque from a male performer and getting to know how you feel about the art.

    • Of course. Anytime! Have a good night.


     So as you can see, Wayne is such a cool guy. I think what I love is when he talks about how Burlesque has made him feel about his body. Body positivity is very important to me, and I think that’s why I’ve always been so fascinated with Burlesque. I definitely would like to try it myself someday! It really is a passion, and I see that passion in Wayne. For these reasons, he is my Man Crush/Motivation Monday! Thank you Wayne, it is a pleasure to know you and i hope we keep in contact!
    Live to Laugh another day,
    Jaybo (the Somewhat Peckish Artist)

Birth of a Nation: not the slave movie you asked for.

But, it is definitely the one that you needed, that we all needed. I know, that there is a lot of stigma surrounding this movie. Whether it has to do with Nate Parker’s past, he was accused of rape, but was acquitted, because the details of the case were murky, or maybe you read some less than favorable views. I’m here to tell you, NONE OF THAT MATTERS! The thing that DOES is seeing this movie. Birth of a Nation was seriously one of those films that not only sets out to tell an important story, but is a piece meant to incite a real movement. At least that’s what I think.

For those of you who don’t know, Birth of a Nation is he story of Nate Parker, who organized the first large-scale slave revolt in Virginia. If that already sounds like an amazing movie, it get’s even better. The movie really explores the slave culture and the culture of black people at that time. It’s not some washed up action slave flick, with a thin storyline just to hold up violent fight scenes or scenes of over dramatics. The vehicle of he story is not only driven by the main character, but it is driven by a passion of a people who were oppressed for so long. And the movie did not shy away from its subject matter. Its depiction of the torment that black people went through during slavery was, by far, probably one of the most realistic, I’ve seen. And it wasn’t one-sided. It showed the harshest and the least harsh conditions. It discussed how black women were treated in such a way, that I can only describe as gut wrenching. To see these women used as tools for sexual pleasure was disgusting. To see how men were broken down and forced to cower and obey, was difficult. To see how dehumanized we were as a people, left me speechless.

I went to see the movie with a white friend, a white friend who definitely is an ally and uses his privilege every chance he gets to right the wrongs of the world. I said to him when we walked out of the movie, “I am not the same BLACK man who I was when we went in.” And it became very evident to me that I was a black man living in a world, where I am still seen as less than. And although I am not literally enslaved, I  am in away. I am enslaved by the assumptions made about me, when I walk into everywhere. I am enslaved by the fact that men who look like me are being killed everyday for no reason, I am enslaved by a culture  that cannot see me as part of the “norm”.

Another aspect of the movie that stood out to me was its heavy spiritual influence. The movie never felt preachy, but spirituality was a very important to black, because it was one of the few things we had that was special. I think the message of stepping out on faith is very important for black people to hear. I feel that we’ve let ourselves get too complacent. We have to go out here and continue to make things happen! We are a people anointed by God to do special things. I wouldn’t call myself a christian, but I do believe there is a God, and I believe that God is for us, as long as we’re here trying to do good and seeking counsel with her. And one thing that this movie reiterated, was the fact that God is there always.

I won’t spoil the films ending, but I must say it was one of the most powerful movie endings I’ve ever seen. The sequence before the ending is art! Again I don’t wanna give too much away, but the imagery combined with song “Strange Fruit” was haunting. It was like being thrown into a nightmare, yet also a beautiful dream. It was one of the most affecting film moments I think I’ve ever experienced.

The film also has a very interesting exploration of organized religion and how people will use the word of god to make things the way they want them. Nat Turner was a preacher. He learned to read at a very young age, and was the only black man nearby who could read the bible. He was made to go around and preach obedience to the slaves other owners. That was it. He himself was only allowed to read certain parts of the bible, but once he read the rest, realized that his people were being held captive by their own ignorance; that the bible wasn’t condoning slavery. A powerful look at how people will only use the parts of the bible that suit them. This still happens today.

The movie is a black love story. And i don’t think I’ve ever seen such a beautiful love story as the one of this movie. You were allowed to get swept up in their love and it wasn’t any drama or anything. It was just a simple love story. Black love is beautiful love. Nate and Cherryanne had a storybook love, until of course tragedy happens. But, even through that their love remains steadfast.

There’s so much more I could say about the film itself, but the most important thing I want to say, is that this movie is a move of God. It is the beginning of a spiritual movement. I’m telling you, it’s the movie to see this year!

Live to laugh another day,

Jaybo (the somewhat peckish artist)

Shameless hires Trans actor, to play a Trans character! 

Check out @taradublinrocks’s Tweet:

I love this show…I have since I started it. And it’s the things like this that make me love the show even more! First of all, I’m glad that they are adding a trans character, that’s great representation, and they did what even big budget Hollywood won’t, hired an actor who is ACTUALLY Trans. Why is this important, well, we have to stop trying to tell their stories, without actually involving them. So, thank you Shameless and Showtime!!