“Gays for Trump” denied entry into Pittsburg Pride Parade. 

Hey, guys so, it’s pride month obviously and I’m gonna talk about about my Pride experience in a post later, but this is important. I’ve always been taught “If you don’t stand up for something, you’ll fall for anything”. And that’s how I feel about this whole “Gays for Trump” movement. You  an be a Gay Republican and still fight and stand up for your community, I’ve seen it. But, to support a man and his administration, who is in such opposition to who you are is Ridculous. A man with nor regard for diversity and minorities. A man who hasn’t acknowledged Pride month. 

I’m sorry, but if you expect to be welcomed into Pride, into our bars, into our lives with open arms, you’re sadly mistaken. You support a man who has said awful things about other minorities. Yoive turned your back on the community and everything that people DIED for, that you’ve been given today. You either have some self loathing you really need to work out, or you’re a rich, white person, that they can look past the gay in. Meaning they don’t actually accept you, you’re just getting a pass, and still will lose your rights. Fox news…(I knowwww) posted this article and I’m using it for a reason. Read it here

Here is the thing. Yes, Pride is about inclusion and it’s about acceptance, however, that’s not an excuse to just let anybody do and say whatever. These people in this organization apparently have a history of trolling the community and trying to impact certain policies of discrimination. Just as they have the freedom to do and say whatever, the pride committee has the freedom to tell them no. Remember friends freedom of speech is just that a freedom. It doesn’t mean it’s devoid of any social consequences from other who think what you say constitutes hate speech or some other form of divisive speech. 

Let them get angry, let then try to sue, but remember, you’re aligning yourself with a President who did nott even acknowledge the fact that it is LGBTQIA+ Pride month. And who is working with people who want to take away our rights. Believe what you want, say what you want, but those are the facts and that doesn’t align with the ideology of Pride. And don’t get me wrong, that’s not to say that the LGBT community is perfect in anyway, there are problems. But, we try to keep Pride peaceful and loving. And having a group that has the reputation this one does, being involved, would’ve disrupted that. You may not agree with it, but that’s the decision that was made. 
But, let’s look at this another way, if a religious organization or some other organization told s gay group they couldn’t be a part of something because “they don’t align with the ideas and values of the organization” the same people, the person who wrote this article, would be praising them, and not understand why the gay organization is angry. You can’t have it both ways. 
Donald Trump isn’t a President for the community, people can believe whatever they want, but facts and figures will tell you that. The organizers didn’t want anything relating to him or his administration there, so they said no. And further more, I’m sick of people now claiming that liberals are more unfair and less about equality. No, American liberalism isn’t perfect, but it’s all very obvious rhetoric to turn people against liberalism. Because, again facts and figures will show which side favors equality more. 

The fact is, these people did not believe that the organization aligned itself with the values of Pride and the Parade. The organization support an administration that is not LGBTQIA+ friendly, and have supported discriminatory legislation and policy before I’m the past. Pretty much fighting against themselves and their own community. They thought it’s be best if they didn’t show up, so they said no. I

Note: in the article the organizer of “Gays for Trump” said that people don’t always agree on elected officials and that is true, but this president has no regard for diversity or equality, and works with those who are fighting against YOUR community. So, “Gays for Trump” really check your privilege. That’s all I wanna say. Really look I’m the mirror, what are you putting before your community, your identity, and yourself? Is it the color (or lack thereof) of your skin? Is it some weird ideology of being “less gay”? Whatever is get it in check now and see which side of history you are standing on. 
Another note: learn your history, Pride started out as a huge protest against a government that discriminates against queer people. I’m sick of people just trying to water down. It was a bloody event where people were wounded and carted off to jail. People like “Gays for Trump” need to remember that as well. 
Live to laugh and love another day,


Pulling back the White(nationalist) Veil

Hello everyone! 

I hope you guys have had a good start to this week. This week I wanna talk about a little movement that has been being called by a different name than I will use. This is the White Nationalist movement. I refuse to call it by its “politically correct” name. If we’re gonna do away with PC, then we need to get rid of it all around. 

Now, I’m sure we’ve all seen the video by The Atlantic of their rally in DC, if you haven’t you can find it here. What I wanna talk about is, not scary it is, not how terrible it is, but why fundamentally, they have no validity and why this should somewhat encourage us. 

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking…”how the fuck is this supposed to encourage us?!” Enlightenment and education are the basis for progression, we have to always be learning, knowing what works and what didn’t and eliminate it. So, let’s have a look. Firstly, these people believe in an ideology that for the most part died away with its creator. Neo-nazism, another name for this movement, is nothing more than Hitler’s Nazi movement repackaged for a less educated, less motivated American racist. These are people who have taken this moment and wrapped it up in “white power”. Now yes, Hitler used the Jews and many other minorities as scapegoats, but he was motivated by a political agenda and discuss study his politics, which is how he so easily got to where he did and how he got a way with it for so long. That moves us to the fact, that these people must not realize that every movement similar to theirs has somewhat died out in the 1st world. Why? Because we can’t be sustained by such ignorance. We must move in to the future. These people are stuck in the past and according to Survival of the fittest, they’ll soon die out. 

Why should not worry about the validity? Well, I talked about it above. A much larger percentage of the American people, are A-OK with racial equality, even though some of these people don’t speak out, many more people believe this kind of thinking is archaic. And, while there are people who are educated in this movement, are they really? I think that a very important part of education is enlightenment, which many of these people lack. Anyway, these people are, by and large, uneducated and grew up in a very white bubble. Now, a lot of people will argue that this, and this is the only time I’ll use this term, “alt-right” movement is about more than white nationalism. Some of these are anti-globalism, smaller government involvement, anti-immigration, and a disdain for “political correctness”. Now though some of these issues are troubling, what’s more troubling is that all of these issues have an underlying tone of blatant racism. 

Then there’s the Nazi salute, in an interview with Roland Martin, leader of this “movement”, Richard Spencer says that the salute was all in “fun” and “exuberance”. Yes, you read that correctly…this is one of the main issues with this movement, these people make it seem like a fun grassroots movement. It’s not. Roland goes on to ask him, if he doesn’t think that is disrespectful to America. Which is something that I’ve been thinking about. Although we jumped into the fray way late, America fought against Nazism. That people using that salute is a spit isn’t the face to the American men and women who fought in WWII. 

 In this same interview Richard came off as completely confused about his movement, citing that diversity hiring is companies going out of their way to hire less whites. When confronted with the facts and figures, he had no good rebuttal, except for repeating this same thing. He even goes to insist that they are not suprememacists, but simply want white people to be the master race, but saying that the times of white supremacy and slavery were wrong. But, then still insists that “they” will win. I will post a link to the interview, because it is very, very interesting. 

Bottom line this movement is full of people who are ignorant to the world around them. We all need to learn to break from our societal bubble, and look at yhe world around us. we also need to let these people know that we won’t stand for this kind of thing. This can all seem very scary, but remember, by opening up a dialogue and talking, we can solve so many problems. we can’t let this kind of intolerance and skewed view of reality win. 

Thank you so much for reading though this was mostly an opinion piece, there is a good bit of factual info. I used Wikipedia source page on the topic. you can see their page on the subject here:

Also you can find the news one interview with Roland Martin Here:

I also would like to give credit to nbcnews the did a segment on this movement. 

Don’t just take my word though, get out there and look it up for yourself! Talk to people about it, including moi. You can leave a comment or contact me using the contact form on my page! 

Keep up the good fight and…

Live to laugh another day, 


Why I’m unfriending people who support Trump

I feel like this is something that needs to be said. There are people who don’t believe in unfriending people on social media over something like who they are voting for. And normally, I don’t either, but there’s a reason why I’ll de-friend anyone who actually supports Trump’s campaign and policies. 

Firstly, there is a very interesting Vox article I think that anyone reading this should read: Republican intellectual explains why the party is going to die.

I found out some things that I didn’t know. And like I say education and knowledge is the key to making good decisions. It’s one of the few things that can save this nation. That’s what I’m passionate about, that’d why I started this blog. 

Now, when I unfriend someone because they support Trump, it is not out of pettiness or “they don’t support the same candidate as me, wahhh!” That may be a lot of other people’s reasoning, but it’s not mine. My reasoning goes much deeper. As we all know this is very different election, this election could decide the course of our country for the next few decades. And as we all know we have two VERY different candidates. 

We have one who is try her best to run as cleanly as possible, but with  a couple email glitches and a massive voter scandal, it’s been hard. But, I still remain that through her mistakes, Hillary Clinton is very qualified and would run this country with pride and dignity. She has her problems, and she wasn’t my first choice, but she is a very close second. There are articles about her I could post proving she’s not as corrupt as everyone feels, but I won’t take that time. It’s out there, just look at or

And then there’s Trump. His entire campaign has been run off of lies and falsehoods. Again, check those sites above. His policies are steeped in bias and hate, and now he may also be a sexual predator. He’s a megalomaniac, who only cares about himself. But, what is more startling, is the people who are behind him. They are the driving force to his Road Show of racism and bigotry. Why are these people behind him? Well, obviously it’s because a lot of policies hinge on fear and are, for the most part, white centered. 

This is no surprise, since his campaign for the past 16 months has built on racial stereotypes and bias. He’s said some awful and close-minded things about black people, muslims, latinx and Hispanic people. Not to mention his misogyny and xenophobia. This has appealed to some of the lowest of this country. White people who feel that they are being attacked for being white. And it wrong. And yeah, many people can say, it’s about the economy or pro-life or open borders or whatever, all of that is wrong and a witch hunt. He has no real plans for border control and his economic plan would set us back in our debt and with his other proposed “plans” with trade, we’d be in some big trouble. That’s not me, that’s  political analysts. Again, Politico has a lot of this info, or even news sites, like Newsweek and Washington Post. 

So, here’s the deal…if you are voting for Donald Trump, that means you’re not actually after a freer, safer, equal America. It means that you as a person don’t care about your fellow man. And I will not tolerate it. And though you may say, I’m not a hateful person or, I’m not racist, or whatever the excuse; deep down there’s a part of you that feels that way. And you are connected to it. Otherwise you’d be able to see past his lies and the show he’s putting on. That means you don’t care about me, as a GAY, BLACK man. So, therefore, you are no friend. And I won’t pretend. If you can vote for someone like him in good conscience, then you’re either ignorant or agree with him. And don’t even bring up Mike Pence, you can claim to be a man of character and Christ, but if you’re not proving it with love for your fellow man and by word, then I’m not buying it. Mike Pence’s own state doesn’t even like him, and that says a lot. People are not looking enough at fact, and you choose to be blind and uneducated that’s on you. But, I won’t have it. I want this country to be safe and free for future generations. If Trump is elected we could spiral into another depression or worse another world war. 

That is why I won’t stay friends with someone who supports Donald Trump.

As always I wanna hear from readers! Be respectful in your responses. There is enough hate and bile being spewed. 


 Live to laugh another day! 

Jaybo, the somewhat Peckish artist 

Billionaire Warren Buffett released some of his personal tax information in response to Donald Trump’s attack on his tax deductions and criticized the Republican nominee for not sharing his own tax returns. During Sunday’s presidential debate, Trump said, “Warren Buffett took a massive deduction,” while Trump defended his own reported $916 million loss in 1995…

via Warren Buffett Fires Back at Donald Trump on Taxes — TIME

Literally Donald Trump is probably the dumbest person to ever run for POTUS. This man’s campaign is so steeped in lies and falsehoods, that its very hard to find anything that is truthful…if there is anything. I’m just so sick of people falling for his bullshit at this point. He is not fit to be President; he never has and he never will be!

Enjoy this “interesting” read.



Spanish Soccer Players Are Teammates On And Off Pitch As Sex Tape Makes Rounds / Queerty

This is disgusting. I mean let’s be honest people are freaky and that’s fine. But, really someone leaked a private video? That’s just heinous. I feel really bad for these guys and I feel really bad for their image and the image of their team. I hope that the people of their community forgive them and that this matter is solved. The world is an awful place, when people think that exposing the privacy of others is fun or funny. What is happening?


Demi Lovato Taking a Break! Unsure of return to music!

In a new tweet, “Confident” pop singer Demi Lovato has shared that she’s looking forward to the year ahead—but not because of a new album or concert tour. Instead, she said she’s expecting to take some time off from her life in the public eye, noting that she doesn’t see herself as “meant” for the…

via Demi Lovato Says She’s Excited to Be ‘Taking a Break from Music and the Spotlight’ — TIME

I don’t know how I feel about this. This woman and her music have been such an integral in my life and shaping me as an artist. To see her say that she may not come back is heartbreaking. Especially now, that she’s truly finding her voice as an artist and as a woman who has been through some rough patches. Whatever is happening Demi, I hope that you find what you’re looking for. If it is not music, that’s cool, but know you will have millions of fans like me who will miss your music and your unique voice very dearly!

Prayers for you!

Sick Day Thoughts

Hello everyone!

I know its been a while. I’ve been working a lot and trying to get my life together for the future. I might be going to Japan for work soon, so that’s cool. Just waiting to hear back. Trying to make as much money as I can, but that’s proving to be a bit harder than I thought. But I digress. Life is pretty okay right now. Well, until I woke up with almost every symptom on the front of the Pepto bottle. But, as I lay here on my couch watching Luke Cage, I’ve some thoughts:

Why is that we put so much weight on the color of people’s skin in the year 2016 in the United States of America. A country that claims it is free for all and that everyone has rights. That’s what we pride ourselves on, yet people who look like me are getting shot for simply having darker skin.

We say we’re a land of freedom and justice. We’re like Superman, yet we can’t help some refugees because they happen to look like the people who want to hurt us. Yet, we don’t need any help in that department, because we continue to hurt our very own. We in the name of “god” hurt people on a daily. We hurt gay people, we hurt black people, we hurt veterans, we hurt kids, we hurt people of color.

We’re so proud of our electoral practices and our government, yet, most of the people in our government are corrupt. Or only have their goals or the goals of their party at mind. No matter how mindless and ignorant. No matter who it HURTS. We’re like a body with a disease and instead of the anti-bodies stopping the infection they’re attacking each other.

We have a DANGEROUS poison running for president. We are letting a man who is famous for being a con artist and a reality tv host who people think is fit to run this country. We allow ourselves to be told what to think, to be dumbed down by the media and the internet. We let this poison into our country. And it must be stopped quickly! We can’t let it spread to the rest of the world.

The Somewhat peckish artist,


Scandal for Dummies


So, I’m from the “Great” state of Alabama. And if you’ve been following the news the past few days, you all by now know that our Governor, Robert Bentley, is caught up in a scandal. A sex scandal of all things. Now a while back it was said he had an affair and his wife left him. What we didn’t realize that it was with someone that works with him. There were rumors and accusations. However, it is believed he has been having an affair with his chief political advisor! (You can look her name up its not important for this post.) And there are recordings that prove it. Now, politicians get caught up in scandals ALL THE TIME, I mean president Clinton, however we let that slide because of how good of President he was and the great things he did. However, Governor Bentley has been and continues to be an awful Governor. The release of this scandal just proves it. Medicare in the state of Alabama is in jeapordy, and instead of him just fessing up to the Affair and doing his job, he’s defending himself, badly, and trying to cover his own tracks. It’s the most ridiculous thing ever.

Not to mention he tries to stand on moral high ground, his comments and battle against gay marriage has been highly publicized, yet he’s off stepping outside of the “sanctity of marriage”. I’m so sick of Republicans and conservatives using this as an excuse to stop people from getting married, when a lot of them get caught up in these crazy sex scandals. Stop using an excuse to hinder something because it frightens you or you don’t understand it! All I know is he need to step or step down. And to be made an example. You can’t preach out in public and then get caught in the type of vile muck you claim to be so vehemently against! Good day to you sir!

Thanks for reading guys, let me know what you think should be done and your opinions on the situation!

Here’s some of the said recordings:

Live to sing another day.

The Peckish Artist