Why I’m unfriending people who support Trump

I feel like this is something that needs to be said. There are people who don’t believe in unfriending people on social media over something like who they are voting for. And normally, I don’t either, but there’s a reason why I’ll de-friend anyone who actually supports Trump’s campaign and policies. 

Firstly, there is a very interesting Vox article I think that anyone reading this should read: Republican intellectual explains why the party is going to die.

I found out some things that I didn’t know. And like I say education and knowledge is the key to making good decisions. It’s one of the few things that can save this nation. That’s what I’m passionate about, that’d why I started this blog. 

Now, when I unfriend someone because they support Trump, it is not out of pettiness or “they don’t support the same candidate as me, wahhh!” That may be a lot of other people’s reasoning, but it’s not mine. My reasoning goes much deeper. As we all know this is very different election, this election could decide the course of our country for the next few decades. And as we all know we have two VERY different candidates. 

We have one who is try her best to run as cleanly as possible, but with  a couple email glitches and a massive voter scandal, it’s been hard. But, I still remain that through her mistakes, Hillary Clinton is very qualified and would run this country with pride and dignity. She has her problems, and she wasn’t my first choice, but she is a very close second. There are articles about her I could post proving she’s not as corrupt as everyone feels, but I won’t take that time. It’s out there, just look at Snopes.com or Politi.co

And then there’s Trump. His entire campaign has been run off of lies and falsehoods. Again, check those sites above. His policies are steeped in bias and hate, and now he may also be a sexual predator. He’s a megalomaniac, who only cares about himself. But, what is more startling, is the people who are behind him. They are the driving force to his Road Show of racism and bigotry. Why are these people behind him? Well, obviously it’s because a lot of policies hinge on fear and are, for the most part, white centered. 

This is no surprise, since his campaign for the past 16 months has built on racial stereotypes and bias. He’s said some awful and close-minded things about black people, muslims, latinx and Hispanic people. Not to mention his misogyny and xenophobia. This has appealed to some of the lowest of this country. White people who feel that they are being attacked for being white. And it wrong. And yeah, many people can say, it’s about the economy or pro-life or open borders or whatever, all of that is wrong and a witch hunt. He has no real plans for border control and his economic plan would set us back in our debt and with his other proposed “plans” with trade, we’d be in some big trouble. That’s not me, that’s  political analysts. Again, Politico has a lot of this info, or even news sites, like Newsweek and Washington Post. 

So, here’s the deal…if you are voting for Donald Trump, that means you’re not actually after a freer, safer, equal America. It means that you as a person don’t care about your fellow man. And I will not tolerate it. And though you may say, I’m not a hateful person or, I’m not racist, or whatever the excuse; deep down there’s a part of you that feels that way. And you are connected to it. Otherwise you’d be able to see past his lies and the show he’s putting on. That means you don’t care about me, as a GAY, BLACK man. So, therefore, you are no friend. And I won’t pretend. If you can vote for someone like him in good conscience, then you’re either ignorant or agree with him. And don’t even bring up Mike Pence, you can claim to be a man of character and Christ, but if you’re not proving it with love for your fellow man and by word, then I’m not buying it. Mike Pence’s own state doesn’t even like him, and that says a lot. People are not looking enough at fact, and you choose to be blind and uneducated that’s on you. But, I won’t have it. I want this country to be safe and free for future generations. If Trump is elected we could spiral into another depression or worse another world war. 

That is why I won’t stay friends with someone who supports Donald Trump.

As always I wanna hear from readers! Be respectful in your responses. There is enough hate and bile being spewed. 


 Live to laugh another day! 

Jaybo, the somewhat Peckish artist 

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