Motivation/Man Crush Monday: Ryan Shea

Hey everyone!

So, I realize this is a day late, but give me a break I’ve been dealing with a stomach virus. But this week I decided that I would combine something I wanna start called “Motivation Monday” and “Man Crush Monday” (#mcm).

This week’s “Motivation/Man Crush Monday” goes out to a man that I discovered a year or so ago on the internet through his site Manhattan Digest. This is one of my favorite sites, mostly because of its inclusiveness of the bear community and the very interesting articles and interviews the creator does. And speaking of the creator…

Here is Ryan Shea!


Now, not only is he a pretty handsome bear of a man, but the guy is so incredibly ambitious and go getting! I mean come on, what isn’t sexy about a man who is ambitious and business savvy? Plus, he’s a CEO! I follow him on social media, and something that I love about him is that he’s always encouraging others to accomplish their goals and dreams.

He went out there and built his dream HIMSELF! That in itself is enough to motivate me to get out there and make my dreams come true. He’s also not afraid to share his life experiences and talk about how they shaped him and kept him going. He’s all about body positivity and is very open about being comfortable with his body. One of my favorite articles by him is I’m Fat And (Probably) Get More Than You. Here’s Why. Definitely check that out!  He is a very interesting guy and I hope someaday I get to meet him and maybe even write him 😉

I do not know about that last part, but if you have the time you should definitely check out his site and maybe find him on Social Media. Also, he’s on Growlr, but, you’ll have to find him on there yourself.

Hope you guys enjoy this little read!

Live to laugh another day!



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