Sick Day Thoughts

Hello everyone!

I know its been a while. I’ve been working a lot and trying to get my life together for the future. I might be going to Japan for work soon, so that’s cool. Just waiting to hear back. Trying to make as much money as I can, but that’s proving to be a bit harder than I thought. But I digress. Life is pretty okay right now. Well, until I woke up with almost every symptom on the front of the Pepto bottle. But, as I lay here on my couch watching Luke Cage, I’ve some thoughts:

Why is that we put so much weight on the color of people’s skin in the year 2016 in the United States of America. A country that claims it is free for all and that everyone has rights. That’s what we pride ourselves on, yet people who look like me are getting shot for simply having darker skin.

We say we’re a land of freedom and justice. We’re like Superman, yet we can’t help some refugees because they happen to look like the people who want to hurt us. Yet, we don’t need any help in that department, because we continue to hurt our very own. We in the name of “god” hurt people on a daily. We hurt gay people, we hurt black people, we hurt veterans, we hurt kids, we hurt people of color.

We’re so proud of our electoral practices and our government, yet, most of the people in our government are corrupt. Or only have their goals or the goals of their party at mind. No matter how mindless and ignorant. No matter who it HURTS. We’re like a body with a disease and instead of the anti-bodies stopping the infection they’re attacking each other.

We have a DANGEROUS poison running for president. We are letting a man who is famous for being a con artist and a reality tv host who people think is fit to run this country. We allow ourselves to be told what to think, to be dumbed down by the media and the internet. We let this poison into our country. And it must be stopped quickly! We can’t let it spread to the rest of the world.

The Somewhat peckish artist,


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