The Great Black Way!

So, kids…as some of you may know this past Sunday was the 70th Annual Tony Awards ceremony. This is the yearly ceremony in which the theatre community celebrates the season and awards the excellence that happens during the season. Much like the Oscars, but better. Haha. Just kidding (kinda, but we’ll get to that).

This years ceremony was hosted by one of my all time favorite men ever, James Corden. He was of course funny and adorable in the way only the chubby, British comedian/actor can be. He was full of zeal and energy, starting the show with not only one of the best opening numbers in a while, but also giving a very poignant dedication to the victims of the Orlando tragedy.

I guess it’s no surprise, to theatre fans anyway, that Hamilton: A New American Musical made a sweep winning 11 of its 16 nominations. It was very deserving, the first successful show to integrate hip hop and pop genres into a musical story about historical figure Alexander Hamilton. That was a very monumental victory.

However, I think the largest victory of the night came for the black theatre community. Now, the theatre community has been getting more inclusive each year, we pride ourselves on being a diverse community of people. THis year that fact was strengthened by the fact that all four musical acting categories were awarded to black actors! This is the first time in the 70 year tradition that this has ever happened. Now, I’m not saying we’re finished, we still need to make the community ab it more inclusive for other ethnicities, but this fact means that it can happen! And for people like me, young black artists, this is huge for us. We just saw people like us follow their dreams and be recognized for it! It just proves that with hard work anybody can do anything.

I think that a running theme at this years Tonys was don’t let any thing stop you from following your dreams. It is possible for any of us to reach our goals. Never stop dreaming.

Shout out to the wonderful amount of black excellence on the stage Sunday night. There were so many talented people of color representing and it just made my heart swell, thank you all for never giving up and thank you all for representing our beautiful community!!

Thank you for reading!

Live to sing another day!

The somewhat Peckish Artist

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