My Life Right Now: From one Convent to Another

Hey Everyone!!

I realize that it has been a bit since I last posted here. Life has been very busy, I picked up another side job at a Panera, I was ASM (Assistant Stage Manager) for a production of Sister Act: The Musical that was freaking life changing, and now I’m… (drum roll, please) In Buffalo, New York!! Yes, you read correctly, this southern boy is in the North, like so far north that Canada is down the road. It’s crazy that I’m here. The reason I am ASM for an Opera here. Probably my last ASM job for a little bit. I just want to be on stage more and work on that part of my craft more. But, what a last gig right?

This first has been a whirlwind! Adjusting to life in a city by myself has been a little tough, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. I’ve also met some really interesting people and seen some really cool places. This city is beautiful, and a much different pace from NYC which is the only city in New York I had been too previously. And after a while here, I could honestly live here. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of professional theatre from what I can tell and it’s too far away from anywhere where auditions would be held, so, probably for a while that won’t happen, but at least I know it is here for the future. Plus, I really just wanna live in the city for awhile. But. back to the city itself. Everyone here is very friendly, people actually speak to you and are willing to have a conversation. I had a very nice interaction with my cashier at Trader Joe’s last night. SHe was super sweet and we talked a little bit about family and how she was getting ready to move to a new house and everything. It was very refreshing.

Now, the place where I’m staying. It’s very interesting. It was once a convent for nuns that has been restored and turned into a bed and breakfast of sorts, or more like a boarding house. There are some interesting characters here. One of the residents, who is also in the Opera, compared it to the house in the show Tales of the City, and if you’ve ever seen that show…let me tell you it’s not very far off from it. It’s funny really, that there are these new mysterious characters in my life. I literally meet a new person everyday.  But, overall I’m having a lot of fun and I’m really enjoying myself. That’s all I have for now! I hope to update soon with another update, and hopefully some more posts that I hope you guys like. Also, thinking about starting a vlog that I will post here as well! Thank you for reading everyone!!

Live to laugh another day!

Jalen; the somewhat peckish artist




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