More random Sunday musings…

Happy Easter everyone! I think I’m getting a little better at this blogging thing. I have followers and everything!!! Thank you guys!

Anyway, today’s random musings. Since when did things like waist size, become important on a dating profile? Am I the only person that thinks that’s crazy? If I want you to post about the size of something, it’s definitely not you’re waist I’m worried about. Sometimes, I feel like gay men get so picky and bogged down in useless details. Like even if you’re just cruising for sex, you’re waist size probably won’t up your chances too much. Idk I think it crazy, but the again it was on Grindr. And before you look at me Judge-y, I don’t use it like ever really. I just download it whenever I’m visiting home.  Most of the time nothing comes of it, but sometimes I at least have a nice conversation. I’m more of a Growlr gal myself, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a waist size on there…or maybe I just over look it because I don’t care. Idk…well there it is! Enjoy!

Live to sing again,
The Peckish Artist

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