Scandal for Dummies


So, I’m from the “Great” state of Alabama. And if you’ve been following the news the past few days, you all by now know that our Governor, Robert Bentley, is caught up in a scandal. A sex scandal of all things. Now a while back it was said he had an affair and his wife left him. What we didn’t realize that it was with someone that works with him. There were rumors and accusations. However, it is believed he has been having an affair with his chief political advisor! (You can look her name up its not important for this post.) And there are recordings that prove it. Now, politicians get caught up in scandals ALL THE TIME, I mean president Clinton, however we let that slide because of how good of President he was and the great things he did. However, Governor Bentley has been and continues to be an awful Governor. The release of this scandal just proves it. Medicare in the state of Alabama is in jeapordy, and instead of him just fessing up to the Affair and doing his job, he’s defending himself, badly, and trying to cover his own tracks. It’s the most ridiculous thing ever.

Not to mention he tries to stand on moral high ground, his comments and battle against gay marriage has been highly publicized, yet he’s off stepping outside of the “sanctity of marriage”. I’m so sick of Republicans and conservatives using this as an excuse to stop people from getting married, when a lot of them get caught up in these crazy sex scandals. Stop using an excuse to hinder something because it frightens you or you don’t understand it! All I know is he need to step or step down. And to be made an example. You can’t preach out in public and then get caught in the type of vile muck you claim to be so vehemently against! Good day to you sir!

Thanks for reading guys, let me know what you think should be done and your opinions on the situation!

Here’s some of the said recordings:

Live to sing another day.

The Peckish Artist

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