What terrorism is.

Hi, to you people who read this blog! Now, I don’t pretend to be some fabulous writer. I’m not Alexander Hamilton or anything, but sometimes I can crank out a nice piece of writing. The next piece of writing is something I wrote on Facebook this morning. I don’t pretend to be a super politically minded person, I can talk about them and if I support a candidate you know. However, with everything going on with the Syrian refugee situation and the Planned Parenthood attack, I felt like I wanted to make a statement.

The use of violence or intimidation in pursuit of a political aim.

Now, no this man may not be a politician, but whether you wanna admit it or not. What happened at that Planned Parenthood in Colorado was an act of terror. We’re so bent out of shape about some refugees that we think might be terrorists, yet an act of terror happens right here on our soil by an AMERICAN and no one wants to admit what’s going on. Terrorist are not just people with brown skin. This is an awful pattern in this country and it’s just getting worse. I shouldn’t have to be afraid to go to a public place because someone might walk in guns a blazing. And what’s even scarier about that? The fact that it’s more likely to be an American than anyone of any sort of Muslim descent at this point. That’s scary…think about it this way. We send troops to settle the unrest in the middle east right, well were not far from needing military detail around the clock ourselves at this point. And I have two words for anyone who dismisses this as a “random act” or “he may be mentally ill” ig-norant. I’m done.

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