What’s Wrong with Being Confident?!

Hey, its been a really long while since I posted my first post. I got very sidetracked. I’m sure that there is no one reading this right now. But, I wanna change that. So, all November every Thursday, I wanna say something that I am thankful for. But…not just anything. Recently I turned 23 and with that came the realization “Fuck…I’m an ACTUAL adult.” It’s the weirdest feeling, because I just never really thought about me being an adult. Anyway, I started thinking a lot about myself and how I feel about ME, and my confidence. It also just so happens that my favorite singer Demi Lovato released her 5th Studio album entitled, Confident. I’m pn a quest to get fitter, but I’ve realized that I can’t change anything until I learn to love and accept it. So, I wanna talk about the things about me that I am thankful for and the things that I love about myself. There’s nothing wrong with a little self-love, in fact its necessary. First of all today I am thankful for my hair. I can’t grow a beard, even though I am obsessed with them, but not many people can grow a head of hair like mine. And I do try to take the utmost care of it as well, gotta keep it healthy. I love my hair and I am so glad I decided to grow it out! Well, there it is. I hope to back with some new things soon!!

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